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Top 250 Adverbs

Out of the 2265 most frequently used words, 252 were identified as adverbs. However, 154 words were primarily used as adverbs, while the remaining 98 words were different types but could be used as an adverb. For example, the word "by" is a preposition, such as, "He drove by the restaurant." However, it can also be an adverb, "The restaurant is close by."


not (adverb)
also (adverb)
very (adverb)
often (adverb)
however (adverb)
too (adverb)
usually (adverb)
really (adverb)
early (adverb)
never (adverb)
always (adverb)
sometimes (adverb)
together (adverb)
likely (adverb)
simply (adverb)
generally (adverb)
instead (adverb)
actually (adverb)
again (adverb)
rather (adverb)
almost (adverb)
especially (adverb)
ever (adverb)
quickly (adverb)
probably (adverb)
already (adverb)
below (adverb)
directly (adverb)
therefore (adverb)
else (adverb)
thus (adverb)
easily (adverb)
eventually (adverb)
exactly (adverb)
certainly (adverb)
normally (adverb)
currently (adverb)
extremely (adverb)
finally (adverb)
constantly (adverb)
properly (adverb)
soon (adverb)
specifically (adverb)
ahead (adverb)
daily (adverb)
highly (adverb)
immediately (adverb)
relatively (adverb)
slowly (adverb)
fairly (adverb)
primarily (adverb)
completely (adverb)
ultimately (adverb)
widely (adverb)
recently (adverb)
seriously (adverb)
frequently (adverb)
fully (adverb)
mostly (adverb)
naturally (adverb)
nearly (adverb)
occasionally (adverb)
carefully (adverb)
clearly (adverb)
essentially (adverb)
possibly (adverb)
slightly (adverb)
somewhat (adverb)
equally (adverb)
greatly (adverb)
necessarily (adverb)
personally (adverb)
rarely (adverb)
regularly (adverb)
similarly (adverb)
basically (adverb)
closely (adverb)
effectively (adverb)
initially (adverb)
literally (adverb)
mainly (adverb)
merely (adverb)
gently (adverb)
hopefully (adverb)
originally (adverb)
roughly (adverb)
significantly (adverb)
totally (adverb)
twice (adverb)
elsewhere (adverb)
everywhere (adverb)
obviously (adverb)
perfectly (adverb)
physically (adverb)
successfully (adverb)
suddenly (adverb)
truly (adverb)
virtually (adverb)
altogether (adverb)
anyway (adverb)
automatically (adverb)
deeply (adverb)
definitely (adverb)
deliberately (adverb)
hardly (adverb)
readily (adverb)
terribly (adverb)
unfortunately (adverb)
forth (adverb)
briefly (adverb)
moreover (adverb)
strongly (adverb)
honestly (adverb)
previously (adverb)
as (adverb,conjunction,pronoun)
there (adverb,pronoun,noun)
when (adverb,conjunction)
how (adverb,conjunction)
so (adverb,conjunction,pronoun)
up (adverb,preposition,adjective)
out (adverb,preposition,adjective)
no (adverb,adjective,noun)
only (adverb,adjective,conjunction)
well (adverb,verb,noun)
then (adverb,adjective)
first (adverb,adjective)
where (adverb,pronoun,noun)
why (adverb,conjunction,noun)
now (adverb,conjunction,adjective)
around (adverb,preposition)
once (adverb,conjunction)
down (adverb,preposition,adjective)
off (adverb,preposition,adjective)
here (adverb,interjection)
tonight (adverb,noun)
away (adverb,adjective)
today (adverb,noun)
far (adverb,adjective)
quite (adverb,interjection)
later (adverb,interjection)
above (adverb,preposition,adjective)
yet (adverb,conjunction)
maybe (adverb,noun)
otherwise (adverb,adjective)
near (adverb,preposition,adjective)
forward (adverb,adjective,noun)
somewhere (adverb,noun)
anywhere (adverb,noun)
please (adverb,verb,idiom)
forever (adverb,noun,idiom)
somehow (adverb,idiom)
absolutely (adverb,interjection)
abroad (adverb,noun)
yeah (adverb,interjection)
nowhere (adverb,pronoun,adjective)
tomorrow (adverb,noun)
yesterday (adverb,noun)
the (definite article,adverb)
to (preposition,adverb)
in (preposition,adverb)
on (preposition,adverb,adjective)
by (preposition,adverb)
more (adjective,adverb)
about (preposition,adverb,adjective)
such (adjective,adverb)
through (preposition,adverb,adjective)
new (adjective,adverb)
just (adjective,adverb)
any (adjective,adverb)
each (adjective,adverb)
much (adjective,adverb)
before (preposition,adverb,conjunction)
between (preposition,adverb)
free (adjective,adverb,verb)
right (adjective,adverb,noun)
best (adjective,adverb,noun)
since (preposition,adverb,conjunction)
both (adjective,adverb)
sure (adjective,adverb)
without (preposition,adverb,conjunction)
back (noun,adverb,verb)
better (adjective,adverb,noun)
enough (adjective,adverb,interjection)
lot (pronoun,adverb,noun)
small (adjective,adverb)
though (conjunction,adverb)
less (adjective,adverb,preposition)
little (adjective,adverb)
under (preposition,adverb,adjective)
next (adjective,adverb,noun)
hard (adjective,adverb)
real (adjective,adverb,noun)
left (adjective,adverb)
least (adjective,adverb)
short (adjective,adverb,noun)
last (adjective,adverb,noun)
within (preposition,adverb)
along (preposition,adverb)
lower (adjective,adverb)
true (adjective,adverb,verb)
bad (noun,adverb,adjective)
across (preposition,adverb,adjective)
clear (adjective,adverb,verb)
easy (adjective,adverb,interjection)
full (adjective,adverb,noun)
close (adjective,adverb,verb)
late (adjective,adverb,noun)
proper (adjective,adverb,noun)
fast (adjective,adverb,verb)
wide (adjective,adverb)
item (noun,adverb)
wrong (adjective,adverb,noun)
ago (adjective,adverb)
behind (preposition,adverb,adjective)
quick (adjective,adverb,noun)
straight (adjective,adverb,noun)
direct (adjective,adverb,verb)
extra (adjective,adverb,noun)
morning (noun,adverb)
pretty (adjective,adverb,noun)
overall (adjective,adverb,noun)
alone (adjective,adverb)
bright (adjective,adverb,noun)
flat (adjective,adverb,noun)
whatever (pronoun,adverb,interjection)
slow (adjective,adverb,verb)
clean (adjective,adverb,verb)
fresh (adjective,adverb)
whenever (conjunction,adverb)
cheap (adjective,adverb)
thin (adjective,adverb,verb)
cool (adjective,adverb,noun)
fair (adjective,adverb,noun)
fine (adjective,adverb,verb)
smooth (adjective,adverb,verb)
false (adjective,adverb,idiom)
thick (adjective,adverb,noun)
collect (verb,adverb,noun)
nearby (adjective,adverb)
wild (adjective,adverb,noun)
apart (adjective,adverb)
none (pronoun,adverb,adjective)
strange (adjective,adverb)
tourist (noun,adverb)
aside (noun,adverb)
loud (adjective,adverb)
super (adjective,adverb,noun)
tight (adjective,adverb)
gross (adjective,adverb,verb)
ill (adjective,adverb,noun)
downtown (adjective,adverb,noun)
honest (adjective,adverb)
ok (adjective,adverb,noun)
pray (verb,adverb)
weekly (adjective,adverb,noun)
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