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The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. It was first introduced in 1926, and its name and scoring have changed several times, being originally called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, then the Scholastic Assessment Test, then the SAT Reasoning Test, and now simply the SAT.

The SAT and SAT Subject Tests are designed to assess your academic readiness for college. These exams provide a path to opportunities, financial support, and scholarships, in a way that's fair to all students. The SAT and SAT Subject Tests keep pace with what colleges are looking for today, measuring the skills required for success in the 21st century.

5001 rigmarole complex, obsolete procedures, excess steps or activity noun
5002 rigor strictness, severity or harshness noun
5003 rigorous rigidly severe or harsh adjective
5004 ripplet a small ripple noun
5005 risible causing laughter adjective
5006 rivulet a small brook or stream, a streamlet noun
5007 robust strong and healthy adjective
5008 rogue a dishonest, knavish person noun
5009 rondo music that returns to a main theme throughout the piece noun
5010 rookery a colony of breeding birds or other animals noun
5011 rotary capable of turning around on an axis adjective
5012 rote routine adjective
5013 rotund having a round or spherical shape, circular, orbicular adjective
5014 rout an overwhelming defeat noun
5015 routine according to established procedure adjective
5016 rudimentary pertaining to first principles, basics adjective
5017 rudiments the elements or first principles of a subject noun
5018 rue to feel sorrow over verb
5019 ruffian a tough, lawless person noun
5020 rugged broken into sharp or irregular points, not smooth adjective
5021 ruminant any cud-chewing quadruped adjective
5022 ruminate to chew cud verb
5023 rupture to burst, break through, or split, as under pressure verb
5024 ruse a trick or artifice noun
5025 rustic country-styled or pastoral, rural adjective
5026 ruth pity or compassion noun
5027 saccharin a white, crystalline powder used as an artificial sweetener noun
5028 saccharine resembling sugar adjective
5029 sacred devoted or dedicated to a deity or religious purpose adjective
5030 sacrilege misuse or violation of something regarded as sacred noun
5031 sacrosanct beyond alteration, criticism, or interference adjective
5032 sadistic delighting in the pain of others adjective
5033 saga any narrative or legend of heroic exploits noun
5034 sagacious showing acute mental discernment and keen practical sense adjective
5035 sagacity acuteness of mental discernment and soundness of judgement noun
5036 sage a profoundly wise person noun
5037 salacious lustful or lecherous adjective
5038 salient prominent or conspicuous adjective
5039 saline containing or resembling salt, salty adjective
5040 sallow having a grayish, yellow-green hue adjective
5041 salubrious favourable to or promoting health adjective
5042 salutary favourable to or promoting health adjective
5043 salvage to save from shipwreck, fire, etc verb
5044 salve a medical ointment for healing or relieving wounds and sores noun
5045 salvo a successive charge of artillery, bombs, etc noun
5046 sanctimonious making a hypocritical show of piety adjective
5047 sanction authoritative permission or approval for an action noun
5048 sanctity holiness of life or disposition, saintliness noun
5049 sangfroid self-possession or imperturbability especially under strain noun
5050 sanguinary accompanied by bloodshed adjective
5051 sanguine cheerfully optimistic adjective
5052 sapid tasty, flavoursome or savoury adjective
5053 sapient possessing wisdom and discernment, wise, learned adjective
5054 saponaceous resembling soap, having the qualities of soap, soapy adjective
5055 sarcasm harsh or bitter derision or irony noun
5056 sarcophagus a stone coffin, often inscribed or decorated with sculpture noun
5057 sardonic characterised by bitter or scornful derision adjective
5058 sartorial pertaining to tailors and their trade adjective
5059 satiate to fill to satisfaction, to satisfy verb
5060 satire the use of irony,or sarcasm in exposing folly, vice noun
5061 saturate to become completely penetrated, soaked verb
5062 saturnalian relating to unrestrained revelry adjective
5063 saturnine sluggish in temperament, gloomy, taciturn adjective
5064 satyr a woodland deity represented as half-man, half-horse noun
5065 savage fierce, ferocious or cruel noun
5066 savant a person of profound or extensive learning noun
5067 savor to enjoy something with unhurried appreciation verb
5068 savory tasty, attractive to the palate adjective
5069 scabbard the sheath of a sword noun
5070 scarcity insufficiency or shortness of supply noun
5071 scathing bitterly severe adjective
5072 schism division, especially into mutually opposed parties noun
5073 scholarly concerned with academic learning and research adjective
5074 scintilla a small spark or flash, a trace noun
5075 scintillating animated, vivacious, effervescent adjective
5076 scoff to jeer, laugh at with contempt and derision verb
5077 scope to perform a cursory investigation, as to scope out verb
5078 scorn to feel or display contempt or disdain for something verb
5079 scotch to cut or score verb
5080 scoundrel one without honor, a villain noun
5081 scourge to punish or criticize somebody severely noun
5082 scribble to write or draw carelessly and in a hurry verb
5083 scribe person who made copies of manuscripts before printing noun
5084 scriptural in accordance with sacred writings adjective
5085 scruple a moral standard that inhibits certain actions noun
5086 scrupulous showing a strict regard for what one considers right adjective
5087 scrutinize to examine something with great care verb
5088 scurrilous given to vulgar verbal abuse, foul-mouthed adjective
5089 scurvy a disease caused by a diet lacking in vitamin c noun
5090 scuttle to sink a boat deliberately by making openings in the bottom verb
5091 scythe a long, curved blade used for cutting grass and grain noun
5092 séance meeting where a mystic tries to communicate with the dead noun
5093 sear to char the surface of something with a hot instrument verb
5094 sebaceous of or relating to tallow or fat, adjective
5095 secant a straight line that intersects a curve at 2 or more points noun
5096 secede to withdraw formally from an alliance verb
5097 seclude to shut off or keep apart, as from company, society, etc verb
5098 seclusion solitude noun
5099 secular not specifically religious adjective
5100 sedate to tranquilize by giving a sedative, to induce sleep verb
5101 sedentary not moving, relatively still, staying in the vicinity adjective
5102 sediment particles that settle to the bottom of a liquid noun
5103 sedition incitement of discontent or rebellion against movement noun
5104 seduce to entice someone to engage in a sexual relationship verb
5105 sedulous diligent in application or attention adjective
5106 seer a person who prophesies future events noun
5107 seethe to be in a state of agitation or excitement verb
5108 seignior a feudal lord, nobleman who held his lands by feudal grant noun
5109 seismograph instrument for measuring the vibrations of earthquakes noun
5110 seize to deliberately take hold of, to grab or capture verb
5111 semaphore an apparatus for conveying information by visual signals noun
5112 semblance likeness, similarity, the quality of being similar noun
5113 semiannual occurring twice a year, half-yearly, biannual adjective
5114 semiconscious neither fully conscious nor unconscious adjective
5115 seminal having possibilities of future development adjective
5116 seminar a small group of students engaged in study noun
5117 seminary a theological school to train rabbis, priests, or ministers noun
5118 senile decline in mental or physical health due to old age adjective
5119 sensation perception or awareness of stimuli noun
5120 sensibility the ability to sense, feel or perceive noun
5121 sensorium the sensory part of the brain noun
5122 sensory pertaining to the senses adjective
5123 sensual inducing pleasurable and/or erotic sensations adjective
5124 sensuous appealing to the senses, or to sensual gratification adjective
5125 sentence to declare a sentence on a convicted person verb
5126 sentient conscious or aware adjective
5127 sentinel a person or thing that watches or guards noun
5128 separatist an advocate of religious or political separation adjective
5129 septennial lasting or continuing seven years adjective
5130 sepulcher a tomb, grave or burial place noun
5131 sepulchral serving as a tomb adjective
5132 sequacious following with smooth or logical regularity adjective
5133 sequence to arrange in an order verb
5134 sequent that comes after in time or order, subsequent adjective
5135 sequester to separate from all external influence verb
5136 sequestrate to sequester verb
5137 seraphic of or relating to a seraph or the seraphim adjective
5138 serendipity an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident noun
5139 serene calm, peaceful, tranquil adjective
5140 sergeant an army officer above the rank of corporal noun
5141 sergeant-at-arms a person charged with keeping order at a meeting noun
5142 sergeant-major officer serving as chief administrative assistant in a unit noun
5143 serrated having a notched edge or sawlike teeth adjective
5144 servile slavishly submissive, fawning adjective
5145 servitude slavery or bondage of any kind noun
5146 sever to cut free verb
5147 severance a breaking off noun
5148 severely harshly noun
5149 sextet any group or set of six noun
5150 sextuple having six parts adjective
5151 shackle a ring of iron used to secure the wrist or ankle noun
5152 shambles any scene of destruction noun
5153 shambolic chaotic, disorganised adjective
5154 sheer transparently thin noun
5155 shibboleth a peculiarity that distinguishes a class of people noun
5156 shiftless lazy, unmotivated adjective
5157 shoal a place where a body of water is shallow noun
5158 shrewd showing clever resourcefulness in practical matters adjective
5159 shriek to utter a loud, sharp, shrill sound or cry verb
5160 shrinkage the act of shrinking noun
5161 shrivel to collapse inward, to crumble verb
5162 shroud a cloth in which a corpse is wrapped for burial noun
5163 shunt to turn away or aside verb
5164 sibilant characterized by a hissing sound such as the "s" in sash adjective
5165 sibilate to hiss verb
5166 sic written parenthetically to show something quoted verbatim verb
5167 sidelong directed to the side, sideways adjective
5168 sidereal determined by or from the stars adjective
5169 siege to attack a fortified place to isolate it from help noun
5170 signatory having signed a document adjective
5171 signification an exact meaning or sense noun
5172 simile figure of speech in which 2 unlike things are compared noun
5173 similitude likeness, resemblance noun
5174 simulate to model or replicate the appearance or properties of verb
5175 simultaneous occurring or transpiring at the same time adjective
5176 sinecure a job that requires no work but still gives an ample payment noun
5177 singe to burn slightly verb
5178 sinister threatening or portending evil, harm or trouble adjective
5179 sinuosity a curve, bend or turn noun
5180 sinuous having many curves, bends or turns adjective
5181 sinus a cavity in any organ or tissue, i.e. the nasal passage noun
5182 sirocco a hot, dry wind blowing from N. Africa into southern Europe noun
5183 skeptic a person who questions the validity of something noun
5184 skeptical having, or expressing doubt, questioning adjective
5185 skiff a small flat-bottomed open boat noun
5186 skirmish to engage in a minor battle or dispute verb
5187 skulk to move in a stealthy manner verb
5188 slake to allay thirst, desire, etc, by satisfying it verb
5189 slander defamation noun
5190 slapdash done hastily, haphazard, careless adjective
5191 sleazy marked by low quality, inferior, inadequate adjective
5192 sleight cunning, craft, artful practice noun
5193 slight very small in size, degree, amount, or importance verb
5194 slipshod done poorly or too quickly, slapdash adjective
5195 sloth laziness, slowness in the mindset noun
5196 slough to shed (skin) verb
5197 slovenly having an untidy appearance, unkempt adjective
5198 sluggard a person who is lazy, stupid, or idle by habit noun
5199 smelt to fuse or melt ore in order to separate the metal contained verb
5200 smorgasbord a buffet noun
5201 smug irritatingly pleased with oneself, self-satisfied adjective
5202 snide derogatory in a nasty, insinuating manner adjective
5203 sobriety the quality or state of being sober noun
5204 sociable inclined to associate with or be in the company of others adjective
5205 socialist of, promoting, practicing, or characteristic of socialism adjective
5206 sodden soaked with liquid or moisture adjective
5207 sojourn to reside somewhere temporarily verb
5208 sol the fifth step in the solfège scale of c noun
5209 solace comfort in sorrow, misfortune or trouble noun
5210 solder an alloy applied between metal objects to unite them noun
5211 solecism a nonstandard or ungrammatical usage noun
5212 solemn deeply serious and somber adjective
5213 solicit to persistently try to get something or bring about an event verb
5214 solicitude anxiety or concern noun
5215 soliloquy speech by a person talking to himself, disregarding others noun
5216 solipsistic of the theory that only the self can be proved to exist adjective
5217 solstice either the shortest or longest day of the year noun
5218 solubility the quality or property of being soluble noun
5219 soluble capable of being dissolved or liquefied noun
5220 solvent a substance that dissolves another to form a solution noun
5221 somatic part of, or relating to the body of an organism adjective
5222 somber dark and dull in colour or things in respect to colour adjective
5223 somnambulist a person who walks about in his or her sleep noun
5224 somniferous causing or inducing sleep, normally with harmful overtones adjective
5225 somnolent drowsy or sleepy adjective
5226 sonata musical piece for 1 or more instruments in 3-4 movements noun
5227 sonnet a fixed verse form of 14 lines usually in iambic pentameter noun
5228 sonorous capable of giving out a deep, resonant sound adjective
5229 soothsayer a person who professes or foretell events noun
5230 sophism any false argument noun
5231 sophistical fallacious adjective
5232 sophisticate make worldly-wise verb
5233 sophistry a superficially plausible, but false method of reasoning noun
5234 sophomoric of, relating to, or characteristic of a sophomore adjective
5235 soporific causing or tending to cause sleep adjective
5236 soprano the highest singing voice in women and boys noun
5237 sorcery magic done with the help of evil spirits noun
5238 sordid dirty or squalid adjective
5239 souvenir an item to remember an event or location noun
5240 sovereign a monarch noun
5241 sparse having widely spaced intervals adjective
5242 spartan austere, frugal or characterized by self-denial adjective
5243 spasmodic sudden but brief adjective
5244 spate a sudden outpouring noun
5245 spawn to produce or deposit (eggs) in water verb
5246 specimen an individual instance that represents a class, an example noun
5247 specious apparently good or right though lacking real merit adjective
5248 speckled marked with dots adjective
5249 spectator one who observes an event, an observer noun
5250 specter a ghostly apparition noun
5251 spectrum a broad range of varied but related ideas or objects noun
5252 speculate to think, meditate or reflect on a subject verb
5253 speculator one who speculates noun
5254 spelunker one who explores caves, one who spelunks noun
5255 spendthrift a person who spends money extravagantly or wastefully noun
5256 sphericity the quality of being spherical noun
5257 spheroid a solid geometrical figure similar in shape to a sphere noun
5258 spherometer an instrument for measuring the curvature of surfaces noun
5259 spinous thorny, as a plant adjective
5260 spinster a woman still unmarried beyond the usual age of marriage noun
5261 splenetic irritable adjective
5262 spontaneous coming from natural impulse adjective
5263 sporadic appearing or happening at irregular intervals adjective
5264 sprightly animated, vivacious, or gay, lively adjective
5265 spurious not genuine adjective
5266 spurn to reject disdainfully, contemn, scorn verb
5267 squabble to participate in a minor fight or argument verb
5268 squalid foul and repulsive from lack of care or cleanliness adjective
5269 squalor filth and misery noun
5270 squander to waste, lavish, splurge verb
5271 squatter one who occupies a building or land without permission noun
5272 squeamish easily bothered or upset, tending to be nauseous or nervous adjective
5273 staccato shortened and detached when played or sung adjective
5274 stagnant lacking freshness, motion, progress, or change adjective
5275 stagnate to cease motion, activity, or progress verb
5276 stagnation inactivity noun
5277 stagy theatrical adjective
5278 staid of settled or sedate character, not flighty adjective
5279 stallion an uncastrated male horse noun
5280 stalwart firmly built adjective
5281 stamina the energy for continuing to do something for a long time noun
5282 stanch to stop the flow of verb
5283 stanchion an upright bar or beam used as support in a window or stall noun
5284 stanza a unit of a poem, equivalent to a verse noun
5285 stark sheer, utter, downright or complete adjective
5286 statecraft the art of government and diplomacy noun
5287 stately of people: regal, dignified, worthy of respect adjective
5288 static characterised by a fixed or stationary position adjective
5289 statics branch of mechanics dealing w/ forces in static equilibrium noun
5290 stationary standing still, not moving adjective
5291 statistician a person who compiles, interprets, or studies statistics noun
5292 statuesque like a statue adjective
5293 statuette a small statue noun
5294 stature a person or animal's natural height when standing upright noun
5295 statute written law, as laid down by the legislature noun
5296 staunch to stop the flow of (blood) verb
5297 steadfast fixed or unchanging, steady adjective
5298 stealth secret or clandestine procedure noun
5299 stellar of, pertaining to, or characteristic of stars adjective
5300 stentorian very loud or powerful in sound adjective
5301 steppe the grasslands of eastern europe and asia noun
5302 stereotype a simplified and standardised conception held by a group noun
5303 sterling (of silver) having the standard fineness 0 925 adjective
5304 stevedore firm or individual engaged in loading or unloading a vessel noun
5305 stifle to quell, crush or end by force verb
5306 stigma a mark of disgrace or infamy noun
5307 stigmatize to characterize as disgraceful, to mark with a stigma verb
5308 stiletto a short dagger with a thick blade noun
5309 stimulate to encourage into action verb
5310 stimulus anything that may have an impact or influence on a system noun
5311 stingy reluctant to give or spend adjective
5312 stint a period of time spent doing something noun
5313 stipend a fixed payment, generally small noun
5314 stipulate to require (something) as a condition of a contract verb
5315 stoic unaffected, indifferent, restrained adjective
5316 stoicism (school of philosophy) logic reflects cosmic reason noun
5317 stoke to stir up and feed, especially, a fire or furnace verb
5318 stolid unemotional adjective
5319 strait a narrow passage of water connecting 2 large bodies of water noun
5320 strait-laced excessively strict in conduct or morality adjective
5321 stratagem a deceptive tactic designed to gain the upper hand noun
5322 stratum one of several parallel horizontal layers of materia noun
5323 streamlet a small stream noun
5324 strenuous characterised by vigorous exertion adjective
5325 striated having parallel lines or grooves on the surface adjective
5326 stricture a rule restricting behaviour or action noun
5327 stridency the quality of being loud or making a harsh sound noun
5328 strident loud, shrill, piercing, high-pitched, rough-sounding adjective
5329 stringent rigorously binding or exacting adjective
5330 stripling a youth just passing from boyhood to manhood noun
5331 strut to walk with a vain, pompous bearing verb
5332 studious given to thought, contemplative adjective
5333 stultify to make, or cause to appear, foolish or ridiculous verb
5334 stupefy to dull capacity to think, thereby reducing responsiveness verb
5335 stupendous astonishingly great or large, huge, enormous adjective
5336 stupor a state of reduced consciousness or sensibility noun
5337 stymie to hinder, block or thwart verb
5338 suasion the act of urging or influencing, persuasion noun
5339 suave charming, confident and elegant adjective
5340 subacid somewhat acidic adjective
5341 subaquatic located or living under water, submarine adjective
5342 subconscious the mental processes of which the individual is not aware noun
5343 subdue to overcome, quieten, or bring under control verb
5344 subjacent lying beneath or at a lower level, underlying adjective
5345 subjection bringing something under the control of something else noun
5346 subjugate to forcibly impose obedience or servitude verb
5347 sublimate to change from a solid to a gas without becoming liquid verb
5348 sublime elevated or lofty in thought adjective
5349 subliminal existing below the threshold of consciousness adjective
5350 sublingual beneath the tongue adjective
5351 submarine a vessel that can be submerged and navigated underwater noun
5352 submerge to sink below the surface of water or another medium verb
5353 submersible able to be put under water adjective
5354 submersion the act of sinking until completely covered with water noun
5355 submission the act of yielding to the will or authority of another noun
5356 submissive meekly obedient or passive adjective
5357 submittal the act of submitting noun
5358 subordinate to make subservient verb
5359 subpoena the summoning of witnesses or evidence before a court noun
5360 subsequent following in time, coming after something else at any time adjective
5361 subservience a subordinate place or function noun
5362 subservient acting in an inferior capacity adjective
5363 subside to sink or fall to the bottom, to settle, as lees verb
5364 subsist to survive on a minimum of resources verb
5365 subsistence real being, existence noun
5366 substantiate to establish by proof or competent evidence verb
5367 substantive of the essence or essential element of a thing adjective
5368 subtend to extend or stretch underneath or opposite something verb
5369 subterfuge an indirect or deceptive device or stratagem noun
5370 subterranean below ground, under the earth, underground adjective
5371 subtext the underlying or implicit meaning noun
5372 subtle fine or delicate in meaning or intent adjective
5373 subtrahend a number or quantity to be subtracted from another noun
5374 subversion the act of subverting or the condition of being overthrown noun
5375 subversive intending to overturn or undermine a government or authority adjective
5376 subvert to overturn from the foundation, to overthrow verb
5377 successive following in an uninterrupted sequence adjective
5378 successor person that immediately follows another in holding a title noun
5379 succinct brief and to the point adjective
5380 succor help, relief, aid noun
5381 succulent juicy or lush adjective
5382 succumb to yield to an overpowering force or overwhelming desire verb
5383 sufferance endurance, especially patiently, of pain or adversity noun
5384 suffice to be enough or adequate verb
5385 suffrage the right to vote, especially in a political election noun
5386 suffragist advocate of granting the right to vote, especially to women noun
5387 suffuse to spread through or over something, especially as a liquid verb
5388 suggestible susceptible to influence by suggestion adjective
5389 sully to soil, stain or tarnish verb
5390 sumptuous magnificent and splendid, suggesting great expense adjective
5391 sunder to separate verb
5392 superabundance more than sufficient, excessive noun
5393 superadd to add on top of a previous addition verb
5394 superannuate to allow to retire from office on a pension because of age verb
5395 supercilious haughtily disdainful or contemptuous adjective
5396 superficial shallow, lacking substance adjective
5397 superfluity the quality or state of being in excess noun
5398 superfluous in excess of what is required or sufficient adjective
5399 superintend to oversee the work of others, to supervise verb
5400 superlative exceptionally good, of the highest quality, superb adjective
5401 supernumerary extra, beyond the standard or prescribed amount adjective
5402 supersede to replace in power, effectiveness, use, etc verb
5403 supervene to take place or occur as something additional or extraneous verb
5404 supine lying on the back, face or front upward adjective
5405 supplant to take the place of, to replace, to supersede verb
5406 supple bending readily without breaking or becoming deformed adjective
5407 supplementary additional, added to supply what is wanted adjective
5408 suppliant a petitioner noun
5409 supplicant begging, pleading, supplicating adjective
5410 supplicate humble oneself before another in making a request, to beg verb
5411 supplication humble prayer, entreaty or petition noun
5412 supposition something that is assumed noun
5413 suppress to hold in place, to keep low, to prevent publication verb
5414 suppressible capable of being done away with adjective
5415 suppression the act or instance of repressing noun
5416 supramundane situated above the world or above our system, celestial adjective
5417 surcharge an additional charge, tax or cost noun
5418 surety security against loss or damage, guarantee noun
5419 surfeit excessive amount noun
5420 surfeit an excessive amount of something noun
5421 surly lordly, arrogant, supercilious adjective
5422 surmise a conclusion drawn on limited evidence or intuitive feeling verb
5423 surmount to get over, to overcome verb
5424 surpass exceed; be greater than verb
5425 surreptitious obtained or done by stealth adjective
5426 surrogate to substitute something with something else verb
5427 surround to encircle verb
5428 surveillance a watch kept over a person noun
5429 surveyor a person whose occupation is to survey land or buildings noun
5430 susceptibility vulnerability noun
5431 susceptible likely to be affected by something adjective
5432 suspect to suppose (something) to be true without evidence verb
5433 suspense a state of uncertainty or excitement in awaiting an outcome noun
5434 suspicious questionable adjective
5435 sustenance something that provides support or nourishment noun
5436 svelte attractively thin, gracefully slender adjective
5437 swarthy tawny, dusky, dark adjective
5438 swathe to bind with a swathe, band, bandage, or rollers verb
5439 sybarite a person devoted to luxury and pleasure noun
5440 sycophant self-seeking, servile flatterer noun
5441 syllabic of, relating to, or consisting of a syllable or syllables adjective
5442 syllabication the act of dividing something into syllables noun
5443 syllable segment of speech: a vowel sound or syllabic consonant noun
5444 syllabus an outline of the contents of a curriculum noun
5445 sylph a wood nymph noun
5446 sylvan pertaining to the forest, or woodlands adjective
5447 symbiosis any interdependent relationship between two things noun
5448 sympathetic of, related to, showing, or characterized by sympathy adjective
5449 symphonic characteristic of a symphony orchestra adjective
5450 symphony an elaborate instrumental composition, written for orchestra noun
5451 symptomatic (of a disease) showing symptoms adjective
5452 synaeresis the contraction of two syllables or two vowels into one noun
5453 synchronism coincidence in time noun
5454 syndicate a group of people making a joint effort to undertake a duty noun
5455 syndrome a recognizable pattern of signs, symptoms and/or behaviours noun
5456 synergy elements that make an effect greater than the sum of parts noun
5457 synod an ecclesiastic council to consult on church matters noun
5458 synonym a word having the same meaning as another in the language noun
5459 synopsis a brief summary of the major points of a written work noun
5460 syntax a system or orderly arrangement noun
5461 synthetic artificial adjective
5462 systematic carried out using a planned, ordered procedure adjective
5463 systemic pertaining to or affecting a whole system adjective
5464 tableau a picturesque grouping of persons or objects noun
5465 tacit done or made in silence, implied, but not expressed adjective
5466 taciturn inclined to silence adjective
5467 tack a short nail with a flat, broad head noun
5468 tact a keen sense of what to say or do to avoid giving offence noun
5469 tactician a person skilled in the planning and execution of tactics noun
5470 tactics the art of implementing means to achieve immediate goals noun
5471 tactile tangible adjective
5472 talisman an object supposed to possess occult powers, worn as a charm noun
5473 tangent touching a curve at a single point but not crossing it adjective
5474 tangential digressive or divergent from the topic of discussion adjective
5475 tangible capable of being touched adjective
5476 tannery a place where people tan hides to make leather noun
5477 tantalize to tease by offering something but keeping it out of reach verb
5478 tantamount to amount to as much, to be equivalent verb
5479 tapestry fabric on which a picture is embroidered, for wall hangings noun
5480 tarantula any large, hair spider of the family theraphosidae noun
5481 tardy late, overdue or delayed adjective
5482 tarnish to oxidize or discolor due to oxidation verb
5483 taunt to goad (a person) into responding, often aggressively verb
5484 taut tight, under tension, as in a rope or bow string adjective
5485 tautological of, relating to, or using redundant language adjective
5486 tautology redundant use of words noun
5487 tawdry gaudy adjective
5488 taxation the act of imposing taxes and the fact of being taxed noun
5489 taxidermy the art of stuffing the skins of dead animals to be lifelike noun
5490 technic technique adjective
5491 technicality a petty point coming from a strict interpretation of details noun
5492 technography historical study of art and science in relation to geography noun
5493 technology a method that applies technical knowledge or tools noun
5494 tedious boring, monotonous, time consuming, wearisome adjective
5495 tedium the quality or state of being wearisome noun
5496 teem to be stocked to overflowing verb
5497 telepathy the capability to communicate directly by psychic means noun
5498 telephony sound transmission via the electromagnetic spectrum noun
5499 telltale a person who heedlessly reveals private matters adjective
5500 temerity reckless boldness noun
5501 temper to moderate or control verb
5502 temperate moderate or self-restrained adjective
5503 temporal pertaining to time adjective
5504 temporize to be indecisive or evasive to gain time verb
5505 tempt to entice to do something often regarded as unwise or wrong verb
5506 tempter someone or something that tempts, especially to evil noun
5507 tenable capable of being maintained or justified, well-founded adjective
5508 tenacity the quality or property of being persistent or stubborn noun
5509 tenant a person that rents or occupies land noun
5510 tendency a likelihood of behaving in a particular way noun
5511 tendentious having a bias or purpose adjective
5512 tenet any principle held as true by members of a group noun
5513 tenor the adult male voice between the bass and countertenor noun
5514 tentative unsure adjective
5515 tenuous thin or slender in form adjective
5516 tenure the holding or possessing of something verb
5517 tepid lukewarm, neither warm nor cool adjective
5518 tercentenary tricentenntial adjective
5519 termagant quarrelsome and scolding or censorious, shrewish adjective
5520 terminal fatal, resulting in death adjective
5521 terminate to finish or end verb
5522 terminus the end or final point of something noun
5523 terrestrial representing the earth as distinct from other planets adjective
5524 terrify to frighten greatly, to fill with terror verb
5525 territorial of, relating to, or restricted to a specific geographic area adjective
5526 terse neatly or effectively concise adjective
5527 testament a will, relating to one's personal property noun
5528 testator one who dies having made a legally valid will noun
5529 testimonial a statement, especially one given under oath, testimony noun
5530 testy easily annoyed, irritable adjective
5531 tether a rope or chain by which an animal is tied to a fixed object noun
5532 thearchy the rule or government of a god noun
5533 theism belief in the existence of at least one deity noun
5534 theocracy government under the control of a religion noun
5535 theocrasy interaction, admixture, and conflation of divine principles noun
5536 theologian one who studies theology, especially christian noun
5537 theological relating to the nature and will of god as revealed to humans adjective
5538 theology the field of study and analysis of divine things noun
5539 theoretical existing only in theory, hypothetical adjective
5540 theorist someone who constructs theories noun
5541 theorize to formulate theories about some specific subject verb
5542 therapeutic of or pertaining to the treating or curing of disease adjective
5543 thereabout about or near that place or time adverb
5544 thermal pertaining to heat or temperature adjective
5545 thermoelectric pertaining to the relationship between heat and electricity adjective
5546 thermoelectricity electricity generated by heat or temperature noun
5547 thesis a subject for a composition or essay noun
5548 thoroughbred bred from pure stock adjective
5549 thoroughfare a passage, a way through noun
5550 thrall a person who is enslaved by some power noun
5551 threadbare shabby, frayed and worn to an extent that warp threads show adjective
5552 threshold the bottom-most part of a doorway that one crosses to enter noun
5553 thrive prosper; flourish verb
5554 throng a crowd noun
5555 thwart to prevent, to halt, to cause to fail, to foil, to frustrate verb
5556 tilth the act of tilling land for crop noun
5557 timbre the quality of a sound independent of its pitch and volume noun
5558 timorous fearful adjective
5559 tincture a dye or pigment noun
5560 tinge to colour slightly verb
5561 tipsy foolish as a result of drinking alcoholic beverages adjective
5562 tirade a long, angry or violent speech, a diatribe noun
5563 tiresome causing fatigue or boredom, wearisome adjective
5564 titter to laugh or giggle in a somewhat subdued manner verb
5565 toady a flatterer noun
5566 toilsome requiring continuous physical effort, laborious adjective
5567 tome a very heavy or learned book noun
5568 topography the detailed mapping of the features of a geological area noun
5569 torpid unmoving, dormant or hibernating adjective
5570 torpor sluggish activity, inertia noun
5571 torrid very hot and dry adjective
5572 tortious of, pertaining to, a breach of contract adjective
5573 tortuous full of twists, turns or bends adjective
5574 torturous of or pertaining to suffering or torture adjective
5575 totter to walk, move or stand unsteadily or falteringly verb
5576 touchstone a test for the qualities of something noun
5577 tourniquet a device for stopping bleeding by compressing a blood vessel noun
5578 tractable easily managed or controlled adjective
5579 traduce to slander, or to speak maliciously and falsely of verb
5580 trait an identifying characteristic, habit or trend noun
5581 trajectory the path of a body as it travels through space noun
5582 trammel a restraint noun
5583 tranquil peaceful adjective
5584 transact to do, carry through, conduct or perform some action verb
5585 transalpine on the other side of the alps (with respect to rome) adjective
5586 transatlantic on, from the other side of, or crossing the atlantic ocean adjective
5587 transcend to rise above or go beyond verb
5588 transcontinental crossing, spanning a continent adjective
5589 transcribe to make a written copy of spoken material verb
5590 transcript a written, or printed copy noun
5591 transference the act of conveying from one place to another noun
5592 transferrer a person who, or thing that transfers noun
5593 transfigure to transform the outward appearance of something verb
5594 transfuse to transfer or pass from one to another verb
5595 transfusion the transfer of blood from one individual to another noun
5596 transgress to violate a law, command, moral code, etc verb
5597 transience the quality of being transient, temporary, brief or fleeting noun
5598 transient passing or disappearing with time, transitory adjective
5599 transitive passing over or affecting something else adjective
5600 transitory lasting only a short time, temporary adjective
5601 transliterate to change into corresponding characters of another alphabet verb
5602 translucent clear enough for light to pass through but not totally clear adjective
5603 transmission the act of sending something forward noun
5604 transmit to send something from one person, place or thing to another verb
5605 transmute to change from one form into another verb
5606 transpire to occur, happen or take place verb
5607 transplant to transfer something from one place to another verb
5608 transposition a shift in a piece of music from one key to another noun
5609 transverse lying or extending crosswise or at right angles to something adjective
5610 trappings the dress or insignia associated with a position or status noun
5611 traumatic of, caused by, or causing trauma adjective
5612 travail toil, painfully difficult work noun
5613 traverse to pass or move over, along or through verb
5614 travesty any grotesque likeness or imitation of something noun
5615 treacherous traitorous adjective
5616 treachery betrayal of trust noun
5617 treasonable involving, or constituting treason adjective
5618 treatise a formal, usually lengthy, systematic discourse on a subject noun
5619 treble a high or shrill voice or sound noun
5620 trebly having treble, or high-pitched, qualities adjective
5621 tremendous awe-inspiring, terrific adjective
5622 tremor to shake or quiver excessively and rapidly or involuntarily verb
5623 tremulous trembling, quivering or shaking adjective
5624 trenchant caustic, cutting, as language or a person adjective
5625 trepidation tremulous fear noun
5626 trestle a frame with a horizontal beam supported by a pair of legs noun
5627 triad a grouping of three noun
5628 tribune a person who upholds or defends the rights of the people noun
5629 trickery artifice, deception noun
5630 tricolor having three colors adjective
5631 tricycle vehicle with 1 large front wheel and 2 smaller rear wheels noun
5632 trident a three-pronged spear somewhat resembling a pitchfork noun
5633 triennial happening every three years adjective
5634 trimness the state of being well arranged or appearing neat noun
5635 trinity a group of three people or things noun
5636 trinket a small showy ornament or piece of jewelry noun
5637 triplicate to make three identical copies of something verb
5638 triplicity the state of being triple or threefold noun
5639 tripod a three-legged stand or support, as for a camera noun
5640 trisect to cut into three pieces verb
5641 trite lacking in originality, stale adjective
5642 triumvir 1 of 3 persons associated in any position of authority noun
5643 trivial of little significance or value adjective
5644 troubadour one of a class of medieval lyric poets noun
5645 trough a long box used to hold food and water for animals noun
5646 truant a student who stays away from school without permission noun
5647 truckle to submit or yield tamely verb
5648 truculent fierce adjective
5649 truism a self-evident or obvious truth noun
5650 truncate to shorten something as if by cutting off part of it verb
5651 truthful honest, and always telling the truth adjective
5652 tryst an arrangement between lovers to meet noun
5653 tumult violent and noisy commotion of a crowd or mob noun
5654 turbid not clear because of stirred up sediment, opaque, obscured adjective
5655 turgid swollen adjective
5656 turmoil a state of great commotion, confusion or disturbance noun
5657 turpitude vile, shameful or base character noun
5658 tutelage the act of guarding or protecting, guardianship noun
5659 tutelar serving as a guardian, protective, tutelary adjective
5660 tutorship the duty of a tutor, tutelage noun
5661 twinge a sudden, sharp pain noun
5662 typical capturing the overall sense of a thing adjective
5663 typify to embody, exemplify, to represent by an image verb
5664 typographical pertaining to typography or printing adjective
5665 typography the art or practice of setting and arranging type noun
5666 tyrannical unjustly cruel, harsh or severe adjective
5667 tyranny arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power noun
5668 tyro a learner or beginner noun
5669 ubiquitous existing or being everywhere, omnipresent adjective
5670 ulterior beyond what is obvious or evident adjective
5671 ultimate highest, maximum adjective
5672 ultimatum a final, uncompromising demand issued by a party noun
5673 ultramontane pertaining to the area south of the alps, especially italy adjective
5674 ultramundane extraordinary, abnormal adjective
5675 umbrage offense, annoyance, displeasure noun
5676 umlaut a mark over a vowel used to indicate a different vowel sound noun
5677 unaccountable inexplicable, unable to account for, or explain adjective
5678 unaffected lacking pretense or affectation, natural adjective
5679 unalloyed not in mixture with other metals, pure adjective
5680 unanimity the condition of complete agreement by all parties noun
5681 unanimous based on complete assent or agreement adjective
5682 unassailable secure against attack, impregnable adjective
5683 unassuming modest and having no pretensions or ostentation adjective
5684 unavoidable impossible to avoid, bound to happen adjective
5685 unbearable so unpleasant or painful as to be unendurable adjective
5686 unbecoming not flattering, attractive or appropriate adjective
5687 unbelief a lack (or rejection) of belief noun
5688 unbridled not controlled or restrained adjective
5689 uncanny extraordinary adjective
5690 unconscionable unscrupulous, not guided by conscience adjective
5691 unconscious not awake adjective
5692 unction anointing, as a medical treatment or religious rite noun
5693 unctuous excessively smooth, suave or smug adjective
5694 undeceive to free from misconception, deception or error verb
5695 undercharge to charge less than the correct amount verb
5696 underexpose expose (film or an image) for too short a time verb
5697 underhanded sneaky adjective
5698 underlie to lie in a position directly beneath verb
5699 underling a subordinate noun
5700 underman insufficiently furnished with men; short-handed  
5701 undermine to attempt to subvert through stealth verb
5702 underpinning a system of supports beneath a wall noun
5703 underrate to underestimate, to make too low a rate or estimate verb
5704 underscore to underline, to mark a line beneath text verb
5705 undersell to sell goods for a lower price than a competitor verb
5706 understate to minimise or downplay verb
5707 underwrite to write under, especially under other written matter verb
5708 undulate to cause to move in a wavelike motion verb
5709 undulating rising and falling like waves adjective
5710 undulation a wavelike motion noun
5711 undulous undulating adjective
5712 unduly excessively adjective
5713 unequivocal having only one possible meaning or explanation adjective
5714 unfavorable disadvantageous, adverse, unsuitable adjective
5715 unfeigned sincere adjective
5716 unfetter free from restraint verb
5717 unflappable remaining composed and level-headed at all times adjective
5718 unflinching staying committed despite any difficulty, steadfast adjective
5719 unfounded having no strong foundation, not based on reasons or facts adjective
5720 unfrock to remove from status as a member of a clergy verb
5721 ungainly clumsy, lacking grace adjective
5722 unguent therapeutic skin cream with medicinal ingredients noun
5723 unicellular describing any microorganism that has a single cell adjective
5724 unification the process of unifying or uniting noun
5725 uniform identical or consistent noun
5726 unify to become one, merge, combine verb
5727 unilateral done by one side only adjective
5728 unimpeachable above suspicion, impossible to discredit adjective
5729 uninhibited not restrained by social convention or usage adjective
5730 unintelligible not capable of being understood adjective
5731 unisonant of a single sound, producing the same sound adjective
5732 unitarian a supporter of unity or centralization noun
5733 univalence (chemistry) the condition of having a valence of one noun
5734 univocal having only one meaning adjective
5735 unkempt dishevelled, untidy, dirty, not kept up adjective
5736 unobtrusive not noticeable or blatant, inconspicuous adjective
5737 unpalatable unpleasant to the taste adjective
5738 unprecedented never before seen or done, without precedent adjective
5739 unravel to separate the threads (of) verb
5740 unregenerate which cannot be transformed in mind and spirit adjective
5741 unremitting incessant, never slackening adjective
5742 unrequited unanswered, not returned, not reciprocated, not repaid adjective
5743 unscathed not harmed or damaged in any way, untouched adjective
5744 unscrupulous conscienceless, unprincipled adjective
5745 unsettle to make upset or uncomfortable verb
5746 unsophisticated without complexity or refinements adjective
5747 unspeakable incapable of being spoken or uttered adjective
5748 untenable incapable of being defended, as an argument, thesis, etc adjective
5749 untimely at an inopportune time adjective
5750 untoward unfavourable or unfortunate adjective
5751 unutterable unspeakable, beyond expression adjective
5752 unwieldy not readily handled or managed in use or action, awkward adjective
5753 unwitting unintentional adjective
5754 unwonted not customary or habitual, unusual, infrequent, strange adjective
5755 unyoke to release something from a yoke or harness verb
5756 up-keep the process of properly maintaining something noun
5757 upbraid to find fault with or reproach severely verb
5758 upcast to cast or throw up, to turn upward verb
5759 upheaval strong or violent change or disturbance noun
5760 upheave to heave or lift up, raise up or aloft verb
5761 uppermost at, or nearest the top of something adjective
5762 upright vertical, erect adjective
5763 uproarious in a state of uproar, confused and noisy adjective
5764 uproot to tear away from a native place or environment verb
5765 upshot the final issue, conclusion or result noun
5766 upstart to rise suddenly, to spring verb
5767 upturn to turn (something) up or over verb
5768 urban related to the (or any) city adjective
5769 urbane courteous, polite, refined, and suave adjective
5770 urbanity behaviour that is polished, refined, courteous noun
5771 urchin a mischievous child noun
5772 urgency imperativeness noun
5773 usage a customary way of doing something noun
5774 usually most of the time adverb
5775 usurious charging illegal rates of interest for the use of money adjective
5776 usurp to seize power from another, usually by illegitimate means verb
5777 usury the practice of lending money at an exorbitant interest noun
5778 utilitarian having regard to usefulness rather than beauty adjective
5779 utility the state or condition of being useful, usefulness noun
5780 utmost of the greatest or highest degree, quantity or the like adjective
5781 utopia an ideal place or state noun
5782 uxorious overly devoted or submissive to one's wife adjective
5783 vacate to move out of a dwelling, either by choice or by eviction verb
5784 vaccinate treat with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease verb
5785 vacillate to waver in opinion verb
5786 vacuity absent of thought or intelligence noun
5787 vacuous empty, without contents adjective
5788 vacuum a space entirely devoid of matter noun
5789 vagabond wandering from place to place without any settled home noun
5790 vagary an erratic notion or action noun
5791 vagrant a person who wanders and has no permanent home or employment noun
5792 vainglorious filled with excessive pride over one's own achievements adjective
5793 vainglory excessive vanity noun
5794 vale valley noun
5795 valediction a speech made when leaving or parting company noun
5796 valedictorian the student who gives the farewell address at graduation noun
5797 valedictory bidding good-bye adjective
5798 valiant boldly courageous adjective
5799 valid well grounded or justifiable, pertinent adjective
5800 validate to confirm verb
5801 valorous courageous adjective
5802 vanguard the foremost division or the front part of an army noun
5803 vantage a position affording some advantage or commanding view noun
5804 vapid lacking or having lost life, sharpness or flavour adjective
5805 vaporizer a device with a heating element, used to vaporize a liquid noun
5806 variable able to change adjective
5807 variant tending to change or alter adjective
5808 variegate to make varied in appearance verb
5809 variegated varied in appearance or color adjective
5810 vassal a person granted land in exchange for loyalty to a superior noun
5811 vaudeville a theatrical piece of light or amusing character noun
5812 veer to change from one course or direction to another verb
5813 vegetal pertaining to vegetables or other plants adjective
5814 vegetate to grow or sprout verb
5815 vegetative growing or developing as or like plants adjective
5816 vehemence an intense concentration, force or power noun
5817 vehement zealous, ardent, impassioned adjective
5818 veiled covered or concealed by a veil adjective
5819 velocity rapidity of motion or operation noun
5820 velvety like velvet (but not velvet), soft, smooth adjective
5821 venal willing to sell one's influence, in return for a bribe adjective
5822 vendetta any prolonged and bitter feud, rivalry or contention noun
5823 vendible able to be bought, sold, or traded adjective
5824 vendition the act of vending or selling, sale noun
5825 vendor a person or a company that vends or sells noun
5826 veneer a thin layer of wood noun
5827 venerable commanding respect because of great age or dignity adjective
5828 venerate to regard or treat with reverence verb
5829 venereal sexually transmitted adjective
5830 vengeance violent revenge noun
5831 venial able to be forgiven or pardoned adjective
5832 venison the meat of a deer noun
5833 venom poisonous fluid that animals secrete by biting or stinging noun
5834 venomous able to inflict a poisoned bite, sting or wound adjective
5835 venous of or pertaining to veins adjective
5836 ventriloquist an entertainer who can speak without moving his lips noun
5837 venture to undertake a risky or daring journey verb
5838 venturesome bold adjective
5839 veracious habitually speaking the truth adjective
5840 veracity habitual observance of truth in speech noun
5841 verbatim corresponding with the original word for word adjective
5842 verbiage overabundance of words noun
5843 verbose characterised by the use of many or too many words adjective
5844 verbosity superfluity of words noun
5845 verdant covered with growing plants or moss adjective
5846 verification evidence that confirms the truth of something noun
5847 verify to substantiate or prove the truth of something verb
5848 verisimilitude the appearance or semblance of truth noun
5849 veritable being truly or very much so adjective
5850 verity truth, fact or reality noun
5851 vermin small animals or insects that harm people, property, crops noun
5852 vernacular of or pertaining to everyday language adjective
5853 vernal of or pertaining to spring adjective
5854 versatile capable of doing many things competently adjective
5855 vertex the highest point of something noun
5856 vertigo a dizzying sensation of tilting within stable surroundings noun
5857 vespertine occurring in or related to the evening adjective
5858 vestige a mark or trace of something no longer in evidence noun
5859 vestigial of or pertaining to a vestige or remnant adjective
5860 vestment a garment, especially an outer garment noun
5861 veto the power to reject bills passed by the legislature noun
5862 vex to irritate verb
5863 vexation the state of being provoked to slight annoyance or distress noun
5864 vexatious causing vexation, annoyance, or trouble adjective
5865 viable able to live on its own (as for a newborn) adjective
5866 vicarious experienced through someone else rather than first hand adjective
5867 viceroy one who governs a place as the representative of a monarch noun
5868 vicissitude a change or variation in the course of something noun
5869 vicissitudes successive, alternating or changing phases of conditions noun
5870 vie to contend for superiority verb
5871 vigilant watchful, especially for danger or disorder, alert, wary adjective
5872 vignette a short descriptive piece of literary writing noun
5873 vigour energy: forceful exertion adjective
5874 vilification slanderous or malicious defamation, character assassination noun
5875 vilify to say defamatory things about someone or something verb
5876 vincible capable of being defeated or overcome adjective
5877 vindicate to clear from an accusation, suspicion or criticism verb
5878 vindicatory tending or serving to vindicate adjective
5879 vindictive having a tendency to seek revenge when wronged adjective
5880 vinery vineyard noun
5881 viol a bowed instrument common in the 16th and 17th centuries noun
5882 viola stringed instrument of the violin family, larger than violin noun
5883 violation a breach of a law, rule or promise noun
5884 violator one who infringes upon a rule, another person's body, etc noun
5885 violoncello a large stringed instrument of the violin family noun
5886 viper a poisonous snake in the family viperidae noun
5887 virago a loud-voice, ill-tempered, scolding woman adjective
5888 virile being manly adjective
5889 virtu knowledge of the fine arts noun
5890 virtual imitated, simulated adjective
5891 virtuoso a person who has special knowledge or skill in a field noun
5892 virulence the state of being actively poisonous noun
5893 virulent of a disease or disease-causing agent adjective
5894 visage countenance, appearance, one's face noun
5895 visceral of or relating to the viscera—internal organs of the body adjective
5896 viscid sticky adjective
5897 viscosity property of fluid that resists the force causing it to flow noun
5898 viscount a member of the peerage above a baron but below a count noun
5899 viscous sticky, thick as a fluid adjective
5900 visionary characterised by fanciful, or unpractical ideas adjective
5901 vista a distant view seen through some opening noun
5902 vital relating to, or characteristic of life adjective
5903 vitiate to impair the quality of verb
5904 vitriol something highly caustic or severe in effect, as criticism noun
5905 vitriolic scathing adjective
5906 vituperable liable to, or deserving, vituperation or severe censure adjective
5907 vituperate to criticize in a harsh or abusive manner verb
5908 vivacious lively adjective
5909 vivacity liveliness noun
5910 vivify to bring to life verb
5911 vivisection the action of cutting into or dissecting a living body noun
5912 vocable able to be uttered adjective
5913 vocation a particular occupation, business or profession, calling noun
5914 vociferate to speak or cry out loudly verb
5915 vociferous crying out noisily adjective
5916 vogue something in fashion at a particular time noun
5917 volant having extended wings as if flying adjective
5918 volatile tending or threatening to break out into open violence adjective
5919 volition a conscious choice or decision noun
5920 voluble characterised by a ready and continuous flow of words adjective
5921 voluminous of great size or extent adjective
5922 voluptuous suggestive of or characterized by full, generous sensation adjective
5923 voracious craving or consuming large quantities of food adjective
5924 vortex a whirlwind, moving matter in the form of a spiral noun
5925 votary a person bound by solemn religious vows, as a monk or nun noun
5926 votive dedicated or given in fulfillment of a vow or pledge adjective
5927 vouchsafe to grant or give, as by favor, graciousness or condescension verb
5928 vulgarity the quality of being crude or tasteless noun
5929 vulnerable capable of or susceptible to being hurt or wounded adjective
5930 waft to carry lightly and smoothly through the air or over water verb
5931 waggish roguish in merriment and good humor adjective
5932 waif a person, especially a child, who has no home or friends noun
5933 waive to refrain from claiming or insisting on verb
5934 wallow to move lazily or heavily verb
5935 wampum formerly native american peoples' currency noun
5936 wane to decrease in strength, intensity, etc verb
5937 wanton deliberate and without motive or provocation adjective
5938 wantonness the state of being reckless noun
5939 warily in a careful manner adverb
5940 warlike hostile and belligerent adjective
5941 warp to bend or twist out of shape verb
5942 warrant something that gives formal assurance of something noun
5943 wary watchful, being on one's guard against danger adjective
5944 wastrel one who wastes time or resources extravagantly noun
5945 wavelet a small wave, ripple noun
5946 waver to sway back and forth, to totter or reel verb
5947 waylay to lie in wait for and attack from ambush verb
5948 weal well-being, prosperity or happiness noun
5949 wean to accustom a child to food other than mother's milk verb
5950 wearisome tiresome, tedious or causing fatigue adjective
5951 wee little, very small noun
5952 weighty having weight, heavy, ponderous, as, a weighty body adjective
5953 welter to roll, toss or heave verb
5954 wheedle to influence a person by smooth, flattering words or acts verb
5955 whelp to give birth verb
5956 wherewith with which adverb
5957 whet to sharpen by grinding or friction verb
5958 whim a fanciful impulse, or whimsical idea noun
5959 whimsical given to whimsy or fanciful notions adjective
5960 whine to utter a complaining cry or sound verb
5961 wholly entirely adverb
5962 wield to command, rule over, to possess or own verb
5963 wile a trick, artifice or stratagem meant to fool, trap or entice noun
5964 willful deliberate, voluntary or intentional adjective
5965 wily sly, cunning, full of tricks adjective
5966 winnow to remove lighter particles from grain verb
5967 winsome sweetly or innocently charming adjective
5968 wintry suggestive or characteristic of winter, cold, stormy adjective
5969 wiry thin, muscular and flexible adjective
5970 wispy like a slender, flexible strand or bundle adjective
5971 wistful full of yearning or longing adjective
5972 wither to shrivel verb
5973 witling a person who feigns wit, pretending or aspiring to be witty noun
5974 witticism a witty remark, a quip noun
5975 witty amusingly clever in perception and expression adjective
5976 wizen to become wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness verb
5977 wizened withered, shriveled adjective
5978 wraith a ghost or specter noun
5979 wrangle to bicker, or quarrel angrily and noisily verb
5980 wrath strong or fierce anger noun
5981 wreak to inflict, especially if causing harm or injury verb
5982 wrench to twist suddenly and forcibly verb
5983 wrest to pull or twist violently verb
5984 wretchedness an unhappy state of mental or physical suffering noun
5985 writhe to twist or turn so as to distort, to wring verb
5986 wry produced by a lopsidedness of the facial features adjective
5987 xenophobia an unreasonable fear of strangers or foreigners noun
5988 yearling an animal that is between one and two years old noun
5989 yearn to have earnest or strong desire verb
5990 yielding inclined to give in adjective
5991 yoke a device for joining together a pair of draft animals noun
5992 zany ludicrously or incongruously comical adjective
5993 zeal eager desire or endeavor noun
5994 zealot a fanatic noun
5995 zealous ardently devoted or diligent adjective
5996 zeitgeist a trend of thought characteristic of a particular time noun
5997 zenith a highest point or state noun
5998 zephyr a gentle, mild breeze noun
5999 zodiac an astrological system noun
6000 zodiacal of or pertaining to the zodiac adjective
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